Friday, January 4, 2013

5 Things I'm Loving About Christmas Break

1) Sleep-ins

The kids love to pile into one room (or even one bed) on holidays...and they tend to stay up a little later and enjoy sleeping in! 

2) Family Game Nights

We received several new games this Christmas.  Two of our favorites so far are Twister (always tons of fun!) and Beat the Parents (which produced oodles of laughter in our house!!!).

3) New Wii Games

My personal favorites are the lines of Just Dance Kids games which have the Tappers shaking and moving all over--so much fun and great exercise, too!

4) Hockey on the Backyard Rink

Tapper arena is in fine form now!  The challenge is on!  Bring your sticks and skates and join the fun!  Lights are on most nights...

And last, but probably most fulfilling...
5) Prayers

You know that it is a good family vacation when your kids are praying like this:  "Thank you God for our family and that we all love each other."

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