Saturday, March 10, 2012

Last Hockey Night in (Aylmer) Canada 2012?

Despite less-than-perfect conditions, the gang took to the backyard ice for a quick night game. With the more spring-like temperatures, the rink probably will not last too much longer. But Team Tapper loves it while it lasts!
Andrew makes a fearsome opponent! (He is learning to adjust his level of play according to potential of the opposition.)
Ethan is a tough competitor. He has a hard shot! So, look out!
Abby, too, takes these games quite seriously, but is always ready to smile for Mom's camera!
Jadon, on the other hand, is difficult to capture in a photo frame! Always on the move, and learning some good ones on skates, too!

We love our rink!!!!

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Gramma said...

What a great place for family fun! Love you!