Saturday, March 24, 2012

Happy 5th Birthday!

Remember this two-year-old boy in 2009?

...who grew into this delightfully silly three-year-old?
...who grew into this handsome and charming four-year-old?
...who is NOW a FABULOUS FIVE-YEAR-OLD man--I mean, boy!
What is new about Jadon? Well, he has decided that he wants to be a basketball player. He practices dribbling with any available bouncing ball and shoots any ball-like object into any open container. He has lost a few baby teeth, but he is definitely not a fan of that process! He loves letters and numbers and is VERY eager to begin school next fall.
Jadon still loves to dance and sing and play with his siblings. He is, by far, the most affectionate of our children--always ready for a snuggle. He also loves a project or an adventure--just so long as he's not going alone!

We are proud to have this special boy in our family! Whatever God has planned for you, little man, we know it will be special. Keep becoming all that you are meant to be!

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Andrea said...

Happy Birthday, Jadon!