Tuesday, November 1, 2011

One of THOSE Days...

It started off with scrambling to put together lunches, having completely scorched the forgotten pasta that had been the planned main course for the lunchboxes. Then there was the late morning trip to the basement freezer that revealed a slightly dislodged electrical plug--and a lot of unusable food.

Fortunately, I have my daily encouragement from Abby in the form of notes and crafty creations, fashioned during free time at school. Today, she brought home the very cute family portrait below. (Note the greeting: Mom you oer the best Mom in the hol wrld.)

(This note came a few days ago. Here's my translation for those of you who may not be proficient in "Kid-ish:" "Mom, You are a very nice Mom and a good sharer and a very! very! nice! Mom!")
Moreover, I read in Revelation this morning about the church at Philadelphia...about how they kept God's word--even in weakness--and didn't deny His name; about how they were called to "hold on to what you have" as God's love for them was displayed and their patient endurance was evident. This also reminded me of a phrase from Scripture that I discovered this summer: "Christ Jesus might display his unlimited patience" (1 Timothy 1:16, emphasis mine). I find it very compelling to consider that if I am truly in Christ, then, in some way, I must have access to such incredible, limitless patience. I am without excuse for impatience or self-pity. It seems to me that it is only a matter of leaning into Him well. In any case, these Scriptures were also good words on which to meditate today.

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Andrea said...

Isn't it wonderful how innocent little ones are so tuned into God without even knowing it?

Even on my worst days, Martin & Helen know exactly how to act or what to say to put me in check.

God is good.