Monday, November 7, 2011

Les Livres du Lundi

This week, I finished a collection of refugee interviews called "Children of War" by Deborah Ellis. This was a sobering read, giving voice to the terrible experiences of child refugees from Iraq who are currently living in either Jordan or Canada. I was reminded how often I take safety and privacy and choice and a peaceful, quiet neighborhood for granted.

I also started a few other (diverse) reads. "Invisible Chains" by Benjamin Perrin explores human trafficking in Canada. "Unbroken Covenant with God" is an autobiography of Ethiopian church leader Markina Meja. "Sacred Marriage" by Gary Thomas asks how reframing marriage as, primarily, a holiness journey rather than a happiness provider might transform how we approach life and marriage. I think I've got a lot of ground to cover with these!

Jadon's Pick of the week is "Flags of the World" by Sylvie Bednar. If you don't know, Jadon has a significant appreciation for all things geographical. He is fascinated by globes and maps. (I once took him into a store on Wellington in Ottawa called World of Maps, and he was in his glory--would have stayed for hours, I'm sure!) He loves to find the 2 (!) pages in this book devoted to the Ethiopian flag and to compare and contrast the colours and patterns of all the different flags.

Happy Reading!

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