Saturday, July 9, 2011

Obstacle Course 2011

If you're a long-time blog reader, you might remember our first backyard obstacle course adventure.

That was almost two years ago! When we set out to create another one today, we knew this one had to be quite a bit more challenging. Here's the 2011 version:

  1. Start at the fence.

  2. Climb up and slide down the slide.

  3. Jump through the laundry baskets.

  4. Jump to touch balloons hung from the tree.

  5. Make a basket in each of the two tall baskets/garbage cans.

  6. Walk heel-to-toe across a jump rope laid straight.

  7. Crawl through the pop-up tunnel.

  8. Run zig-zag around the cones.

  9. Push the cart along the chalk "track."

  10. Somersault from the peonies to the markers.

  11. Throw the sponge ball so that it hits the van and then return it to the bucket.

  12. Walk tiptoe around the spiral cord.

  13. Jump over the butterfly net.

  14. Make 3 jumps on the po-go stick.

  15. Touch the swingset.

Everyone made at least two runs through the course. In the first runs, I timed them at around 4 or 5 minutes. They were all considerably faster on their second runs! Everyone thought that getting the baskets was the hardest part--although somersaulting is a close second for Andrew! I think the sense of accomplishment gained by all was significant (not to mention the practice at waiting one's turn, the training in direction-following, and the benefit of physical exercise).

I wonder what I can add next year...


Mom/Gramma said...

Kris, you are so creative! Good job! It looks like the kids had a really FUN time. I must have been a boring mother! :)

Andrea said...

Next year, instead of tossing a sponge ball toward the van, have them wipe a soapy sponge across the van. :o)