Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Fun with Books

Given my relative inexperience as a mother of four, I still find it all too easy to become ridiculously overwhelmed at the thought of all I must do. I find that the best method of releasing myself from this state of motherly paralysis (or glorified grumpiness) is to engage in a purposefully playful activity. Among my favorite resources toward the pursuit of this lightheartedness are books.

For example, “The Mitten” by Jan Brett has provided us considerable opportunity for cuddles and chortles over the last couple days. To try this yourself (and perhaps with a child participant?), all you need is a copy of the book, a blanket, several stuffed animals, and your sense of adventure. Simply act out the story, using the blanket as your “mitten” and your own animals (plus you) as the story’s characters!

We have also utilized some masks to get into character with our favorite books. “Library Lion” provides the chance for the practicing of tiptoeing, ear twitching (which, in our family, demands the use of fingers), and, of course, ROARING! “Ellison the Elephant” also draws giggles with its encouragement of “tooting” (the musical kind!).
How about you? Any suggestions for book fun?

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