Sunday, February 22, 2009

Good Fun in the Sun (with lots of Snow, too!)

The Tapper family took advantage of a beautiful Sunday afternoon and headed outside for some winter fun. We used the snowman kit that the kids got for Christmas to create a Mr. Snowman, but one snowman is never enough! So we made a few more friends!

Things have been pretty busy for us lately. Traveling for Gramma's funeral, preparing for our future move, and watching the progress with our adoption agency has kept us in high gear.
We hope to have very exciting news to share on the adoption front within the next few weeks!!

6 comments: said...

Thanks for you VOD & hymns!!
You're appreciated!!

the Steiger's said...

And there is more snow coming. To tell you the truth I am ready for spring.
I keep forgeting to ask where are you guys moving? Any chance you will be close to us?

Anonymous said...

Looks like you had great fun! I remember the fun days of making snowmen! Enjoy!!!

Team Dragovich said...

Thanks for visiting my blog!! Your kind words were refreshing and sweet... made me smile. I bet you are so glad we got our referral!! I didn't know you were moving overseas? I'm so curious to know where and what prompted the move!! You have a lot to track, also. Moving is no small task-- not in the states and especially not overseas :) I will be praying for you specifically for these things during my daily prayer time for AWAA and all things ETHIOPIA :)!!

Much love,

Laura Fenske said...

Love the snowmen/women/children. Ya'll look great! Oh yeah, I wrote a check for you, and I even put it in an envelope. Now I just need to get it addressed and in the mail!!! Thanks again for doing that for my dad. He loved it!

Helen said...

Praying for you as the seasons change... and you still await that special call.