Monday, December 15, 2008

Choirs, Cuties, and Continuing to Count

Our church Christmas choir presentation went very well this past weekend. Here's a little collage to give you a taste of our experience.

Just for fun this morning, the kids got dressed up and we did portraits at the house. Fun!

Also, we have passed the 6 month mark since shipping our big stack of paperwork to Ethiopia (that's 13 months since we started this adoption journey!) Can't wait to bring home our own Timbits!


Laura Fenske said...

OH, it's fun to see people from Pathway! It makes me homesick. Tell everyone we think about them frequently if you get a chance.

And the portraits great, E & A are adorable as always!

Smith Family said...

What beautiful pictures! Your kids are such cuties.

"Imagine" was wonderful.