Thursday, October 2, 2008

Moral Development

As part of a course I am taking, I had to write an essay on moral development in children. Part of my essay was to address the question of responsibility for instilling a sense of morality in children. While I support the view that parents bear the primary responsibility for this task, I--as a parent--am so grateful that this responsibility need not be beared alone. In an article entitled, "Until Christ is Formed in You: Nurturing the Spirituality of Children," (available here) Marva Dawn reminds us of the "backward and sideward components of the faithful community" that supports moral and spiritual development for believers, including "Scriptural narratives . . . the 'cloud of witnesses' . . . congregational members . . . books . . . ethnic religious customs . . . special friends" and more. As Mike and I pursue the long discipline of genuine Christian training, we are infinitely thankful for those who have gone before and walk alongside us for the process! And we pray that, someday, Ethan and Abby (and two more) will express their gratitude as well.

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O's said...

I hear you. Good thoughts.

We've been so busy. Got the dossier stuff and starting home study next week.

Will they ever be home?
I'm sure you can relate.

Someday we'll chat.