Monday, October 13, 2008

Birthday Girl

Well, I'm a little behind on the announcement, but the official notice must be given. Abigail Hope Tapper is three years old. Our beautiful treasure (made for God) continues to love to sing and make music. Using some of her birthday money, she selected a hot pink toy guitar and microphone and has been entertaining us with her imaginative lyrics and unique dance moves. She enjoys pretty much anything pink, swimming, painting, her blanket, snuggling with Mom, wrestling with her brother, and playing tickle with Dad. She can be stubborn and has been known to take advantage of her hard-working, eager-to-please brother (as in tilted head and wide, serious eyes, saying, "Ethan will pick up my toys."), but she makes up for this in delightfully original goofiness, thoughtfulness (I don't think she'll be easily swayed by the crowd), and appreciation for all the wondrous little things of life. We are blessed!

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Laura Fenske said...


Translation: "Happy Birthday, I miss you and Ethan so much!
Love, Garrett!!!"