Thursday, September 18, 2008

Trying (to grow) my Patience

At the YMCA where I work, there is a girl who comes in whose name is Patience. Now, sometimes you hear a new baby's name, and you think, "Wow...that's some name; he'll really have to grow into that one." Or I, as a former preschool teacher, think, "Oh, the poor kid. Do you realize how hard it is going to be for her to write out all those letters? I hope you'll give her a nickname." At any rate, I think "Patience" takes the cake for a hard-to-live-up-to name. I'm glad it's not my least this week!

This week has brought more than its fair share of challenges -- a new class for me, changes in our schedule as Mike adjusts to fall routines, some tough situations with some friends, little activity to report in "adoption world," and, just tonight, the betrayal of our stove. Yes, the ancient Kenmore relic has ceased to provide its cooking/baking capacity. Actually, that's not quite true. The problem was more that it wouldn't stop. Mike removed his scruptious-looking chocolate cheesecake from the oven and reached to turn the oven knob off. It wouldn't budge. So he got a better grip and tried a little harder. With this additional effort, he was rewarded with a sharp snapping sound and hot, rolling metal at his feet. Ahhh, the gas has been turned off, and we are ready to admit that our occasionally mildly-explosive oven and impossible-to-clean stovetop are due for replacement.

In the midst of God's patience-work on me, he provides wonderful relief in the form of heart-lifting comments from two precious children. Abby crawled up on my lap one morning, turned, and whispered in my ear, "Mommy, you're my best friend." If that doesn't warm your heart...

Ethan, our careful observer, has put these skills to use for bedtime prayer time. If you ever get the chance to be in on a prayer with Ethan, sit back and get comfortable (somewhere that provides cover for significant giggling!) I can't replicate one exactly, but it might go something like this: "Thank you God for lights. Thank you God for ceilings. Thank you God for walls and windows and window screens to keep the bugs out. (pause) Thank you God for beds and wood and wood to make bunk beds out of. Thank you God for covers. Thank you God for pillows. (pause) Thank you God for books. (pause) Thank you God for doors and doorknobs. (pause) Thank you God for..." Pretty special. It makes this impatient (and sometimes irritable) Mom realize how much I've got right here and now!


Anonymous said...

I think patience is a forever work that the Lord does with all of us. Your kids sound wonderful. I'll be in touch soon, I want to talk sibling adoption! Yeah!

Patty V. said...

Thanks for sharing that! Your kids are pretty special. Jason comes back Thursday night. I miss him so much!!!! We need to get together soon.