Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Wonderful World of Waiting

After all the encouragement and sense of support I have gained from reading the blogs of others journeying through the adoption process, I have decided to try my hand at a journal of my own. We have completed our paper-chasing duties, sent the precious bundle of documents to our agency, and expect it to be on its way to Ethiopia by the end of next week. For me, finishing the paperwork has been a huge relief. Although many refer to that stage as the "paper pregnancy," I found it to be more like the work of conception. (That last line may sound rather odd to anyone who has not experienced infertility. For those who have struggled for months/years in various efforts to conceive, you may understand more readily.) I am just now feeling those fluttery emotions of joyful anticipation one might experience when pregnancy is confirmed. I think I will enjoy the wait...

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