Monday, October 31, 2016

Halloween Fun

Time for the Tapper Jack-o-lantern Guessing Game! Feel free to guess who created the masterpieces below:

1) Scared Cat
2) Scorpion
3) Toronto Raptors
4) Classic Jack
Which Tapper kid do you supposed was behind each one of these?

Then, there were the costumes! Jadon was a turkey dinner...

Ethan was a hashtag...

...and Abby was an old lady!

 (If you are wondering, Andrew chose to stay home and hand out candy this year.) Lots of fun was had by all!


Mom/Linda/Nanny said...

Love the Costumes. Hope you had fun!! Wish I was closer to eat your mini Coffee Crisp bars. Lol
Pumpkin guesses.....
.... Jadon....Raptors
Love and Hugs......Nanny

Gramma said...

GREAT creativity in the costumes, everyone! You are amazing designers. And the pumpkin guesses are getting harder and harder for me each year. Maybe because I don't see you nearly enough. :(

But here are my guesses:
Scared Cat - Andrew
Scorpion - Abby
Raptors - Jadon
Jack-o-lantern - Ethan

Love you all!

Liz said...

OO I love to guess....
1. Cat - |Abby
2. Scorpion - Ethan
3. Raptors - Jadon
4. Classic - Andrew

K Tapper said...


Cat: Abby
Scorpion: Andrew
Raptors: Jadon
Classic: Ethan

Congrats to Nanny!!