Thursday, February 25, 2016

Jadon is 9!!

We celebrated a special day for the youngest Tapper! A few pictures here capture Jadon's last year.
I tried to think of a few things that make Jadon so unique--here are just a few of his special traits among the Tapper kids:

1) Most likely to ace a math test
2) Most likely to wear the same shirt to school every Tuesday because "it's tradition!"
3) Most likely to make a pun, on purpose, or catch someone else's unintentional pun
4) Most likely to be able to tell you about some small part of his day in 1000 words or more
5) Most likely to say: "This is the BEST DAY EVER!"

His enthusiasm for life, quick wit, and love for others is incredible. Happy birthday, J.D.! We love you!!


Linda Tapper said...

Happy Birthday dear Jadon. I can't believe you are already 9!!!!!!!!
Hope you had a wonderful birthday.
Love Nanny and Grampsie. XX00

Helen said...

Happy Birthday!
I love seeing your smiling face.