Monday, September 28, 2015

Lives By Example

I am so proud of my Dad, who finished a dream trip, riding his bicycle from Northampton, Pennsylvania to my brother's house near Marion, Indiana. That's over 1000 kilometers (650 miles) if you take the highway, but he had to make his own route on the back roads! He left last Sunday and arrived today, just a few weeks before his 68th birthday. What an amazing man!

And what a great example to set before my children! I was so excited when I got the text from Mom that they had made it to their destination (She's been driving their camper from meeting spot to meeting spot each day.), so I was whooping it up a bit with the kids. Andrew's respect for his Pappy was obvious: "He is not afraid to do hard things. And he doesn't take short cuts. And he doesn't care what other people think. He just does it."

Thanks, Dad, for being you.


Linda Tapper said...

You have an amazing Dad Kristy. You must be so very proud of him.
We are too!!!.....and kutos to your Mom driving the camper from place to place on her own!! Such a fabulous couple. We love them too!!!

Dad said...

Thanks for the post, Kristy. Like "the nut doesn't fall far from the tree, you are amazing, too, Kris, with all you have accomplished and your work taking care of the family. Tell Andrew I appreciated his comments. Sometime I will share with you highlights of the trip, and when Mom figures out how to download pictures from her camera, we will send a few. Love you guys! Dad

Mom said...

It was an interesting trip, Kris! My left arm is now more tanned than the right from sitting in the driver's seat so long. I'm hoping to even things out on the way home with Dad driving and me in the passenger seat!

Love you all so much!

Helen said...

WOO HOO! So awesome. Makes me think of my mom and all her 'why not?' athletic adventures.
Can't wait to tell my kids!
Love, Helen

Bonnie Sauder said...

Beautiful. My introduction to your blog. Wow!!! So beautiful! Love the pic of your Dad, and congrats on this huge accomplishment. How wonderful for the whole family. God bless you all, and continue the work that He is doing in and through your lives. Love and hugs. Bonnie Sauder