Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Another Reason to Love Kijiji

With our move, we have sold a lot of stuff on Kijiji.
For our new house, we have picked up some really nice stuff on Kijiji.
I think the following may be my favourite.
I posted a "WANTED" ad for birch branches! I asked if anyone had trees they might be trimming or cutting would consider offering me a few limbs/branches for decorating in my house.  A fine gentleman from Salisbury replied to my ad within a few days, offering free branches. We set up a time to meet.
On the day of the birch branch collecting, the kids and I loaded into the van. Upon our arrival, we were greeted like old friends and invited to the back of their lot. Our hosts fired up the chainsaw and went to the task of sawing down trees, measuring, and cutting desired lengths. Andrew got to use a hatchet a bit. All the kids helped to pull the branches out of the wooded area and to load them into the van.
Because we had had a lot of rain, everything was wet. We left the branches out to dry for a few weeks. Then we stripped leaves and removed undesired twigs. And now we have beautiful natural d├ęcor both at our entryway and in our living room. I am very pleased with the outcome!
Thank you, kind Kijiji friends!


Mom/Linda/Nanny said... are amazing!!!! Looks fantastic!!! Gotta love those friendly NB people!!!
Love ya'.................Linda

Andrea said...

Next time you're in Wisconsin, stop by and decorate my house.