Monday, February 24, 2014

7 Things You Might Not Know About Our Favorite 7-Year-Old Tapper

It's Jadon's Birthday!  Time to celebrate our little man!
1.       Jadon’s favourite sport is basketball.  He cheers for LeBron James and the Miami Heat.  Recently, Mike took him to an Ottawa Skyhawks game at Canadian Tire Centre, and one of the reasons for Jadon’s love of the game became clearer.  At hockey games (the most prevalent spectator event in our family schedule), a fan gets to cheer a few times a game.  But with basketball, there are dozens and dozens of cheering opportunities—perfect for one excitable little guy!
2.       Jadon has the most wonderful skin.  He has literally had little friends’ hands rubbing his arms, exclaiming about how soft he feels.    Fortunately, he’s not the kind of guy who can’t stand anything touchy-feely!
3.       Jadon is a budding magician.  He received “Easy-to-DoCard Tricks for Children” by Karl Fulves for Christmas.  He’s learned a few so far and really enjoys pulling them out for family and friends who visit.
4.       Jadon hates to be alone, especially in the dark.  Even just the dark of the upstairs in the evening.  Avoids it at all costs.  If I had a loonie for every time I heard, “Would you please come with me?”…
5.       Jadon has several nicknames: J.D., Jadonious, Jadonator, J-man, and Snort…which leads me to…
6.       Jadon snores.  Often and occasionally very loudly.  A doctor at CHEO once told us that he has an extraordinarily long palette, which shouldn’t really be problematic, but may contribute to the snoring.
7.       Jadon has a new favourite colour.  He has always said that yellow was his favourite, but he has made a switch.  Neon green is now the preferred shade.
Of course, if you know Jadon, you already know that he is an incredibly fun-loving, smart, and talkative guy.  He really loves being with other people.  He also loves learning, hates being wrong, and gets a big kick out of puns.  He can drive you crazy with all his wiggly, jiggly energy or his incessant chatter, but melt your heart with his grandiose displays of affection or sincerely expressed desire to be helpful.  We have no doubt that God has some very special stuff in store for Jadon Tapper!
Happy Birthday, Jadon!  A googolplexian hugs and kisses for you!

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