Friday, August 9, 2013

Team Tapper Summer Camping Adventure 2013

Most likely to forget the camera on several occasions of this trip: ME!  (But I still have lots to share!)  Here's a few highlights of our memories of the Team Tapper Summer Camping Adventure 2013...
Most likely to burn marshmallows: Andrew
Most likely to be a sticky mess after making and eating s'mores: Abby and Jadon
Most likely to demand that I take pictures of the bunnies that were everywhere at French Creek State Park: Abby
Most likely to pose for a pic with Rocky: Jadon

Most likely to spank a tree: Abby

Most likely to climb on top of the van: Ethan and Jadon
Most likely to buy the T-shirt: Andrew
Most likely to say "Sight &Sound Noah was the best show ever!": Andrew, Ethan, Abby, and Jadon
About Noah(picture taken from Sight&Sound website)
Most likely to snuggle with Dad to fall asleep: Abby
Most likely to wander off with curiosity at the National Aquarium: Ethan
Most likely to wipe out on his bike in the hills of Patapsco Valley State Park: Andrew (see knee!)

Most likely to get lost in the crowd at the Lincoln Memorial: Abby

Most likely to ask a thousand questions about swans in hotels or George Washington or any other random topic at any given time: Jadon
Most likely to brave the waves at Cape Henlopen State Park: Andrew and Abby (and Mom!)

Most likely to prefer to hang out in the sand: Ethan and Jadon (and Dad!)
Most likely to write love messages in the sand: Jadon

I hope we remember all the fun of this family vacation forever!


Jadon said...

I am so happy I got to go on this trip. I'm glad you planned it, Mom.

Ethan said...

I hope we can do it again next year. I loved going to the ocean and I hope we can go again. I hope you are having fun at home. We like going to Bible School here at Gramma & Pappy's.

Helen said...

Evelyn said- Awesome!
Reed: me, too- awesome!
Nora- I liked all of the pictures! I wish you could come to Sand Beach (again!).

We miss you! I am so glad you have been having some family fun.


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