Wednesday, March 27, 2013


After being home with the boys three and a half years, I finally tried making a staple Ethiopian food, injera, myself.  It was a three-day process, but the end result got rave reviews from the boys.  Actually, I think the anticipation over the last few days was part of the fun.  I didn't try any traditional wat (a stew-like food served on top of the injera) but served pulled-apart barbequed pork roast and cooked carrots.

All my close-up action shots are blurry.  Those hands were flying from plate to mouth pretty fast!

If you are interested in trying your own injera, you will need some patience, teff flour (can be found at a health food store), and this great recipe!  Enjoy a taste of Ethiopia!

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Andrea said...

Good for you!
(I still haven't made injera yet, and Martin keeps asking. Mother of the year here.)