Friday, September 28, 2012

Whew! September in one post!

As Ms. Computer seems to be working okay right now, it is time for an update on Team Tapper!  I must start by saying that we had a fabulous summer.  We really enjoyed the time together and all the adventures that we were able to have. 

Admittedly, the fall transition has been a bit of a challenge.  Not only are the kids back to school, but I have started a new job (which I really love!), and Mike has been working extremely hard on a conference project at the University.  As we continue to settle in to our new routines, it is great to see how the children seem to love their new teachers and new fall activities. 
Here is a picture recap of some of the happenings here: 
The family was excited to see that the city was installing new equipment at one of the old parks in the neighborhood.  Here they are, trying everything out and having a blast!
Ethan, hanging around on the playground zipline...
Abby, trying out the new slide...
Andrew is growing more handsome every day, don't you think?
For Labor Day weekend, we trekked off to Lake Francis State Park in New Hampshire and met up with great friends for some time of relaxation and fun.  We had a wonderful time doing all the best camp-out traditions: toasting marshmallows over the campfire, telling stories, swimming, boating, and exploring.
Ethan loves to help build the fires.

There was lots of mud!  And it was thoroughly enjoyed!
Behold the pirates of Lake Francis, setting sail for all sorts of splendid adventures!
What could be better than sharing camp food with friends?

Last weekend was Mike's birthday.  Any of you who truly know Mike are aware of his compulsive "chewies" habits.  Basically, he has the potential to consume copious amounts of sugary candy--Gummy Bears, Cherry Blasters, Twizzlers, Fuzzy Peaches, Jelly Beans, Nibs, etc.--like no one else I know.  The kids had a blast making him a "jellybean cake" this year.

Of course, it is hockey season now, too!  This is Jadon's big debut year.  He is so excited to be on the ice!  Andrew is also playing hockey again this year; this year for the Aylmer AtomA Icebergs.  He has also been selected by his school to run cross in a cross country meet in October.  (I don't have a picture...but Abby started gymnastics a couple weeks ago, too.  You'll just have to imagine her tumbling around with a gigantic smile from ear to ear...)

Finally, we continue to support and pray for my Mom as she goes through cancer treatments.  It is hard to do this from afar (for her, too!), but we are thankful for her strong faith and excellent support system in Pennsylvania.  And we certainly look forward to time together!

In all, I find this to be a very exciting and meaningful time.  I am thankful for great friends and family who make each day uniquely special.  I am especially grateful for God's grace that helps us to live each day with joy and purpose.  Blessings!

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Loved seeing these! We miss you guys! Smith Family