Saturday, August 11, 2012


Summer 2012 has been full of great things for us Tappers.  Here is an update on what is happening:

My dear husband had his PhD thesis proposal approved by his Saint Paul University committee this spring.  This puts him into a phase of significant reading, research, and writing.  Basically, he is in the process of looking at how Canadian Evangelicals, specifically, have understood and handled the doctrine of the Trinity and how certain theologians might have valuable insights for contemporary Christians.  For any theologians out there, our sarcastic title for his thesis is "The Perichoretic Canuck." 

Besides all his schoolwork, Mike continues to work for Christian Horizons as a personal support worker.  He has also been doing some pulpit supply during the summer and has been showing his handiness with projects around the house.  For fun, he and his sister are training to run a half marathon together this fall.  Also, due to some later summer bedtimes for the kiddos, he has also taken on a larger role as "The Tickle Monster," whose appearance is guaranteed to produce terrified yet gleeful shrieking all through the house. 

Andrew and Ethan:
These boys have had a fabulous summer.  They have hit Niagara Falls, the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto, two amusement parks, two spectacular fireworks shows, Zion Hill Kids Camp, and Sunnyside Soccer Camp.  They are both really growing up, too.  Andrew is so much more emotionally settled now than he was last summer.  He has shown himself to be quite responsible and helpful in a number of ways.  He is really looking forward to the quickly approaching hockey season!  Ethan just LOVES the summer, with its less-structured routines and lots of outdoor opportunities.  We have really seen his confidence grow in a number of areas over the last few months.  Also, his unique sense of humor and quick sarcasm has picked up, giving us lots of chuckles.

Abby and Jadon:
What a pair these two are!  They, too, have had lots of fun this summer, with trips to Pennsylvania and Zion Hill Family Camp.  They loved participating in the church's VBS program.  Their improved swimming and biking skills have also afforded us some great outdoor fun.  Abby is showing so much more independence and willingness to try new things.  One thing that she is really looking forward to this school year is increased challenges with reading and writing.  Jadon can hardly wait for school to start!  He has been learning more French and can read most simple storybooks by himself.  He is also excited for his first season of hockey.

I have a few new and exciting opportunities, too!  I was asked to take over the teaching responsibilites for Pollywog Preschool, a home-based educational program for ages 3-5 here in Aylmer that emphasizes outdoor exploration, physical activity, and kindergarten readiness.  After searching for part-time jobs for such a long time, I am so pleased to have found this three-day-a-week, within-walking-distance, in-my-own-community, very-family-friendly, doing-something-I-feel-really-passionate-about position!

I am also looking forward to connecting with the congregation at Cornerstone Wesleyan Church as they seek to put together a Christmas musical presentation this fall.  Directing a church choir is one of my favorite things to do!  It is my hope that this project will provide the church with a unique opportunity to come together, using the gifts of all, and to present a message of the meaningfulness of Christmas within their community.

I am also volunteering on our church's worship teams, using Rosetta Stone French (goal: 30 minutes per day) to try to improve my language skills, and running when I can.

I know that I have been less active on the blog recently, but I will try to be more consistent once we settle into a more predictable routine.  Blessings!

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Andrea said...

Congratulations, Tappers, on some incredible achievements!