Saturday, February 18, 2012

Hair Experimentation

The process of learning to care for the boys' hair continues as their hair changes and grows. Andrew has settled into a pretty simple hair care routine, involving sporadic conditioner-washing, daily sprays from an oil-water bottle, and occasional leave-in conditioner treatments. We trim his hair with the clippers every few weeks.

Jadon, on the other hand, does not like to have his hair clipped. I think a bit longer hair suits his smaller face. However, at this point, his hair is quite long and can be harder to keep looking healthy and handsome. I have started to try some various styling options for myself. After washing with conditioner and treating with a leave-in coconut-based conditioner, we've tried several different styles over the last couple months.

Column 1 shows single twists. Column 2 shows three-strand braids. Column 3 shows double-strand twists. I would love to try cornrows, but my fingers haven't quite managed to keep hold of his kinky hair appropriately yet. If we continue to let it grow, maybe I'll keep trying. For now, my favorites are the twists. What do you think?

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anxiously hopeful said...

The twists are my favorite too. Keep trying the cornrows. One day, you'll get it!