Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas Photo Catch-Up

We are having a wonderful Christmas season! Christmas day was so much fun! We heard the pattering feet upstairs early in the morning and soon had four eager youngsters surrounding our bed. Mike had covered the living room door with wrapping paper and taped it shut tight, creating a mood for much anticipation. After unwrapping the door, the children rushed in and headed straight for....their stockings! It wasn't until the had unloaded their stockings that they noticed their unwrapped gifts behind the couch. Someone asked, "What's that big thing behind the couch?" When the discovered the musical instruments (electronic drums, bass guitar, hand drums, and half size acoustic guitar), they had a great time taking turns and making music. What a delight to provide our children with the opportunity to be creative. (It was very meaningful to hear Andrew later in the living room by himself, wailing away on the drums while spontaneously creating his own Christmas worship songs which were sung at the top of his lungs!!!)

Christmas day also included time in worship with our church community and shared time with nearby family. Then, the next day, we packed the van to head for some special time with my family in Pennsylvania. We had lots of time to play with cousin Adi (very, very cute!), Uncle Dave, Aunt Alaina, Pappy, and Gramma plus lots of extended family, too. We also got to visit a science center and the PeepsFest!

We traveled back to Canada on New Year's Day, and Monday provided a great day for rink-building. The Tapper Ice will soon be holding open skates--and all blog readers are free to bring your own skates and join us any time!!!! What a great way to enjoy the rest of our holiday! (School does not start until next Monday!) Check out today's progress (with the help of Grampsie, Nanny, and Auntie Jenn):

We certainly have a sense of peace and blessing as we come through this holiday season. We look forward to what this year will bring and, hopefully, to many opportunities to share our blessings with others in the coming days.

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