Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Life Lessons

A few life lessons learned recently…

1) Poison ivy won’t kill you. (Poor Ethan, upon being diagnosed with this skin condition and prescribed a steroid cream for treatment, looked up bravely into my eyes to ask if he was going to die. It does say POISON, of course.)

2) Carrying sleeping 8-year-olds is bad for Dad’s back.

3) Read-aloud chapter books are great. Like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. But movies do not always match the book. (We also just finished “The Incredible Journey,” and I was very impressed with the children’s comprehension despite some pretty considerable vocabulary. We are looking forward to a viewing of “Homeward Bound” soon!)

4) Homemade skateboards are difficult to steer (…especially when they involve nailing the wheels of your brother’s roller blades into the sides of a short length of 2x6), but it is still a fun project to try.

5) International adoption clinic doctors might chuckle when they ask a four-year-old about his friends, and he lists of a few names, and then they ask who his best friend is, and he announces boldly, “GOD!”

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