Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Live and Learn Another Day

Sometimes, I have to remind myself that I generally think of my kids rather fondly. It's in those moments--those days--when it seems that I've redirected and redirected and redirected or reprimanded and reprimanded and reprimanded or repeated and repeated and repeated. Well, you get the point.

Tonight, I hit a point when I was really annoyed with the inevitability of it all. I felt I just had to get out of the house for a moment. Of course, the clothesline full of dry laundry presented me with a legitimate excuse.

As I unclipped, folded, and stacked clothes, I thought about how hard it is to teach kids well. Then I thought about how hard it must be to learn all the stuff that I'm trying to teach. That led me to intentionally ponder the things that my children have done well lately--the ways they are growing, making good choices, getting it right.

What a relief! I could think of something for each one! So, I took the time to sit them down on the couch and share my thoughts on the difficulties of being a mommy, the challenges of growing up, and the ways they are making me proud--even on days when they might also be driving me a little crazy!

Then we went to the beach. Because we were celebrating. We lived and learned another day.


Mom/Linda/Nanny said...

Looks like a wonderful time at the Beach!! Kristy, you are an amazing Mom!!!

Gramma said...

I know it's not always an easy job, Kris, but being a mother is the BEST job. You are doing MANY things right. Keep up the good work. We love and miss you all!

Helen said...

You are a wonderful and deliberate person. You are an amazing woman and mother and wife.