Thursday, December 2, 2010

You might take for granted...

You might take for granted a hug from your eight-year-old. Not me.

One year ago, Andrew was uncomfortable with most forms of physical affection (except hand-holding or kind of leaning into a person). He has come a long way in the last 14 months, but he still usually comes backwards or sideways into hugs and regularly shies away from kisses. When he receives a gift or is excited about something, he will sometimes give a very agressive squeeze around one's middle, but his head is usually ducked, and it's more like a tackle than a "normal" hug.

This morning I got a hug.

Completely spontaneous.

Not overly agressive.


Forward facing.

A wonderfully affectionate, natural, just-because-we're-family, kind of hug.

What a great way to start a day!


Karen said...

110% can identify with this post! fantastic post!! those hugs are the best!!

Helen said...



Gramma said...

Another milestone!

Laura Fenske said...


Leanne said...

Searching for my tissues....