Thursday, November 11, 2010

Princess Hair

We started, and now we can't stop.

About a week ago, I found this blog with splendid tutorials on how to create all kinds of fabulous hairstyles for girly-girls. Although Abby likes all things girly, she has often balked at hair-styling because it involves combing out knots--a procedure that she considers on par with various other forms of torture. However, since this website has drawn to her attention the the definitive connection between finely-styled hair and being princessly, Abby has been willing (even eager!) to submit herself daily to all necessary processes of princess hair. She even tells me that she'll be as quiet and still as the princess girl in the videos!

I haven't quite managed the 7-strand braid yet, but--at our current pace--I'm sure I'll be a pro soon!


Gramma said...

What lovely hair, Fair Lady!!! You are indeed a LOVELY princess! A true treasure. Gramma LOVES you!

Helen said...

I wonder if my girls have enough hair... I love braiding and can't beleive I haven't taught myself to french braid yet.

Mom/Linda/Nanny said...

I love your hairstyles, Princess Abby. Your Mommy is very talented. Miss you. Love Nanny X0

Smith Family said...

How fun! It looks so cute :).