Tuesday, September 14, 2010

"Preschool" According to Jadon

In an attempt to keep Jadon from utter boredom, we have introduced the at-home Tapper preschool. I am using the simple weekly plans from this blogger as a loose guide. Little J seems to be quite excited about his own little learning adventure. Of course, he's already looking ahead. He says, "Learning is good for I can be done with preschool. Kindergarten will be different. It will be me and my teacher and my lunch teacher and some more kids."

In the meantime...
..."Preschool is important because I need to do those things."

"I'm good at doing the things what I need to do."

"Only Mom and me go to preschool. I love my mom."

"At my preschool, I do a lot of stuff. I do crafts. I did squares. I know what a cow is. I know how to write my name. Writing letters is fun."


Helen said...

Awesome! Can I go to your school, too?

Gramma said...

Good job, Buddy! I love your school, and you have the BEST teacher!
I love you!

Andrea said...

Did you make his calender?

You are an AWESOME mom!

(isn't it strange only having one kid at home?)