Thursday, July 8, 2010

Good Reasons to Be a Bad Blogger

8) Sitting in front of a computer is not the most effective way to cope with the heat of this week

7) Abby's 5-day (previously) unexplained high fever, demanding extra hugs/attention/snuggles and limiting family out-of-home adventures

6) Toucans, lizards, and butterflies have invaded my least the VBS craft variety (in preparation for next week's adventures at the church)

5) Something like 7 doctor/dentist visits in the last week or so

4) Soccer games (Can't say enough how fun Andrew is to watch though!!)

3) Pulling double-duty on coursework (as courses overlap for a couple weeks during the summer semester) so that I can complete my MA this summer (I finished a research paper on the ethnic identity development processes of internationally adopted children this week...maybe I'll post some highlights sometime...)

2) Library books (Has anyone else read "Where Willy Went" to your kids? I think we've read it 5 times in the last 2 days.)

1) Summer Vacation

Yeah, things have been rather, well, not enjoying-time-on-the-computer-friendly lately. However, I'm making an effort here! For your enjoyment, I am pasting our family's current list of "Bored" activities. You know, for those times when summer vacation just is not providing quite enough direct stimulation and some fresh ideas are needed. In those times, we pull out our "Bored Box" for inspiration. Feel free to steal any of the ideas below or to pass along your own ideas via the comment link below!

Make up a song
Make your own book
Go on a listening walk
Make cookies
Have a picnic with your stuffed animals
Clean out your desk or dresser
Wash the van
Watch a movie
Write a letter to a friend
Send a note to a relative
Take a bath
Do funny things with your hair
Go fishing with a clothespin pole
Color a picture with your toes
Draw a picture with your teeth
Play dress-up
Dance naked
Make a “thankful” list
Cut out your own picture puzzle
Play dough
Under-table banner making
Go on a litter hunt
Weigh household objects
Measuring tape scavenger hunt
Play musical FREEZE
Shoot tin cans with water guns
Play bubbles outside
Play HOT/COLD hiding game
Make paper airplanes
Make an animal habitat
Turn your clothes backward
Undo a yarn scramble
Make sock beanbags and play
"Paint" the house with a pail of water
Make a tape road for cars
Play board games (Our favorites include Zingo, Racko, Topple, Charades, Hi Ho Cherry-O, Finders Keepers, Mind Your Manners, Granny’s House, Uno, Candy Land, and Fishing)
Use the WobbleBoard
Play pirates
Play cowboys
Play super-heroes
Scrub bathrooms/walls/floors
Make a nose collage
Write all 26 letters backwards
Play the missing object tray game
Do mazes
Make a paper plate animal mask
Carve a soap sculpture
Make a leaf creation
Test sink/float in the sink
Play store
Play restaurant
Play instruments
Clean your room
Play bowling
Go sock ice skating in the LR
Learn a new joke
Build the tallest block tower
Make chalk drawings on tile
Vacuum the steps
Invent a circus act
Practice your headstands
Play baseball
Play street hockey
Do at least three puzzles
Do word searches/hidden pictures
Collect bugs
Sweep the driveway
Sweep the porches
Vacuum the van
Clean windows
Wash your bike
Build a sandcastle
Play flashlight tag
Play hide-and-seek
Look at photo albums
Play hopscotch
Make a map of the neighborhood
Bake a cake
Paint your face
Memorize a poem
Try Q-tip golf
Toss marshmallow in a muffin tin
Make pattern jewelry
Have an ice cube melting race
Draw a picture with no looking
Collect rocks
Hug your hard-working mom


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