Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Experience Afresh

It is not yet three months since Andrew came home. It is easy to forget that. I mean, we still have "firsts" happening all the time, but I tend to notice them more when they are momentous or especially exciting. For example, today was the first time that we took the boys sliding. We bundled up, threw the sleds in the van, and headed out to a park across town that has a nice, beginner-sized hill for sledding. This has been much anticipated ever since the sleds were discovered in the house during the fall. The time on the hill did not disappoint whatsoever. It was one of those wonderful "firsts."

In general, the holidays bring a lot of opportunities for such special initial experiences. But there are also a lot of less-than-exciting firsts going on...and I can tend to miss them in the midst of the more exciting things. Tonight, I took time to marvel at my chance to watch Andrew and Jadon join Ethan and Abby in a puzzle game we've had in our family for some time. Then, a little later, I found myself trimming my seven-year-old's toenails for the first time. It's an odd sensation to be just beginning to feel this familial togetherness at the same time that you have these moments of realization about how little you know of each have these punctuations of peculiarity throughout the story of our intimacy.
It's not unlike a marriage in some ways. Mike and I have been married over eleven years now, but just the other day, we both learned something new about each other. I remember saying with awe: "I never knew that about you!"
This practice of experiencing each other afresh...of doing things in a new way because of some enlightenment connected to one I makes life a bit complex.
But I must say that I like it.


Helen said...

Wonderfully said, my dear friend.

May you continue to be blessed in the little things.

Andrea said...

Great post!

Merry Christmas,
The Logues