Friday, January 2, 2009

Wonderful News

We have had a wonderful holiday season at the Tapper house, including special worship times, visits from family, and shared times with good friends. Upon arriving home yesterday from friends, we had a message on our phone. It was from my friend, Patty, who lives with her husband and two girls literally a few miles down our street. With joy, she announced that her family had received word that their court case in Ethiopia had gone well, and they are now officially the parents of Meti Joy!

Meti is a beautiful girl who has been at our agency's transition home for many months as our friends collected all the necessary paperwork to bring her into their family. Many families who have traveled to the transition home to pick up their own children have commented on Meti's unique sweetness. She has been known to be the first to comfort new arrivals from the orphanages, to spend her days mothering the other children, and to serve as a translator for visiting families. While she will be dearly missed in Ethiopia, we look forward to her settling into her adoring new family. . . . and we consider ourselves pretty blessed to be able to experience the pleasure of her company in the near future! For more on this wonderful story, check out the family blog at

Additionally, I wanted to share about a great book I took out from the library and finished last week. It's called Treasures of the Snow by Patricia Mary St. John. A simple read, written for young adults, this book captures the essence of Christian living in a special way. Delightful metaphors for spiritual realities and a beautiful storyline make this a great read, in my opinion. Take the time to find it yourself, and I think you'll be blessed!

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